EspressoWine is the 187 ml single-serve wine cup which gives the World of Wine Made In Italy a new format and a new way of drinking. Our Concept does not compete with the wine in bottle, but gives to wine the possibility to be drunk anywhere with the use of a simple glass in Pet, even where the glass is prohibited.

The wine is packaged in a protective atmosphere and in vacuum, and the glass in food PET is sealed hermetically without the use of specific adhesives thanks to a technology that is patented worldwide: the organoleptic qualities of wine are well preserved until the moment of consumption, ensuring a shelf life exceeding 10 months from the date of production.
In addition to our wines produced in a continuous cycle, our team of enologists is available to create customized products according to the needs of our customers and markets.
Our partners’ multi-year experience in the wine industry, our innovative concept and the flexibility of volumes for customization, makes the project EspressoWine unique, attractive and affordable for any type of client and project.


EspressoWine is the first Italian line of quality wines offered in a 187ml single-serve solution packaged in 100% recyclable PET, hygienical, ready to drink and easy to carry.

EspressoWine is the first Italian line of quality wines offered in a 187ml single-serve solution packaged in 100% recyclable PET, hygienical, ready to drink and easy to carry.
The special hermetic heat-sealing process and the vacuum technology inside the glass through the modified atmosphere (technology protected and patented worldwide) maintains unchanged the quality of wine until the consumption of the product.
In America, this solution has won the World Championship as the best proposal in the wine world, its practicality and the extraordinary quality of closing (result of more than 10 years of intensive work) have achieved a great success and a worldwide cult.
We are energized by our tenacity and pride to have something special to offer, something unique, both for its technology and also for being the 1st "Ready to Drink" on the Italian market.


The goal of our company is to optimize the product development process that starts from the analysis of the precise demands of the consumer and from a careful assessment of market dynamics.

A select network of collaborators, together with a competent team of consultants and enologists, are constantly striving to offer a complete and appropriate proposal to a clientele always in search of excellence.

At the same time the enological laboratory systematically monitors and evaluates the quality levels in order to ensure compliance with the standards and requirements of buyers.

In order to flexibly and rapidly meet our customers' needs,  our marketing and production departments work in complete synergy studying and offering multiple customized solutions.


Quality is not an abstract concept. It is about more than just the standard of products. It is something that applies throughout the production and distribution cycle.
The value chain is created by pursuing excellence in every stage of the process. Our quality system grants the customer satisfaction, the security, the naturalness of the product and the respect of the environment.
We scrupulously oversee every phase of the production process. We can guarantee optimum process and product performance thanks to our know-how and substantial investments in cutting-edge technology and systems.
We have received a number of certificates and other accolades for customer satisfaction, safe products and environmental friendliness. Every phase of the production is controlled and tested thanks to important investments in technology and equipment..
Our quality-system guarantees customer satisfaction, safety and authenticity of products and  the respect the environment.
We monitor carefully every step of the production process and thanks to investment in technology and the acquired know-how, we guarantee the continuous improvement of our products and processes respecting the standards required by the regulations ISO  and by the Global Standard for Food Safety (BRC- IFS).