• Spring Collection

Private labels

Depending on the needs of our customers we can create private labels with low minimum order affordable for any typology of partner.

The personalization consists in the pad printing of the private logo on the body of the cup. The minimum lot for the personalized pad printing of the client’s logo is 10.000 cups, which can be filled depending on the customer's needs with a minimum order of 1 pallet for each type of wine.


Customized and tailor-made Wines

In addition to our wines produced in a continuous cycle, thanks to our team of enologists and experts, we can create tailor-made Wines according to the needs of our customers and the standards required by each type of market.

The minimum order per type of customized product is 5000 litres (24.960 cups Guaranteed).

Filling service

We give Wine Producers the opportunity to package their wines in our cups and to feel fully guaranteed in every phase of the bottling process, with the possibility of following all the operations directly inside our cellar.

Our team of experts, once received the product, will analyze it and correct it according to the standards required by OGW technology, ensuring the highest quality of the finished product.

The minimum production required is 10.000 litres per type of product.